All young dancers can take part in free inspiring U.Dance Digital Masterclasses from some of the biggest names in dance!

These masterclasses will be available to stream from 18-31 July. Don’t miss them!



Taking Part Safely  

We want everyone taking part in U.Dance to do so safely and inclusively! It is essential that before you take part in a Digital Masterclass that you read the ‘Taking Part’ information below. If you need assistance or are unsure of any part if the Taking Part Safely information, please read it together with a parent, guardian, teacher or supporting adult 


Below is a guide on how to take part in an online dance class safely. You will not be visible to the session leader and they will not be able to interact directly with participants. 

Before the Session 

When you register, let us know if you have any access needs so we can help you make the most of the session. You can contact us at  

Keep in mind that you can pause the Masterclasses and play them again, so take your time and if you need to, come back to steps, movements or sessions later. 

Prepare your space 

Set up the space you plan to dance in. Clear away furniture, any wires, equipment, hazards or items nearby, and if necessary, cover any corners of furniture. 

Clear the floor space and make sure it is clean and free of any items you may slip or trip on. 

If you have pets, be aware of them as you do the session. If you need to, you might want to keep them in another room just to be safe. 

If there are others in your household, be aware of them coming into the space whilst you are in your session. Make sure your dancing space is not directly in an area where people may be walking. 

Prepare yourself 

Let an adult know that you will be taking an online dance class, and make sure that they will be close by throughout the session. 

Every Masterclass will begin with a warm up and end with a cool down. 

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. If the floor is rough, very slippery, or may have hazards such as splinters, it may be appropriate to wear trainers or dance shoes. 

Make sure you have a water bottle close by to stay hydrated throughout the Masterclass. 

During The Session 

Listen carefully to instructions from the Masterclass leaders. 

Be aware of how your body is feeling, and any previous injuries you might have. 

Be aware of your level – don’t do more than you are able. Take time for recovery within the session and between classes. 

Some advice on what to do in the unlikely event of an injury 

In the unfortunate event of injury occurring when dancing in your own home and there may be limited access or contact with therapists, be as familiar as you can with the recommendations for self-management of injuries. 

Familiarise yourself with injury management (PRICED): 

  • PROTECTION: Remove additional danger or risk from injured area. 
  • REST: Stop dancing and stop moving the injured area. 
  • ICE: Apply ice to the injured area for 20 minutes every two hours. 
  • COMPRESSION: Apply an elastic compression bandage to the injured area. 
  • ELEVATION: Raise the injured area above the heart. 
  • DIAGNOSIS: Acute injuries should be evaluated by a health-care professional. 

Avoiding further HARM: In the first few days after an injury, remember to avoid HARM. 

  • HEAT: Any kind of heat will speed up the circulation, resulting in more swelling and a longer recovery. 
  • ALCOHOL: Alcohol can increase swelling, causing longer recovery. 
  • RUNNING OR OTHER EXCESSIVE EXERCISE: Exercising too early can cause further damage to the injured part. Exercise also increases blood-flow, resulting in more swelling. 
  • MASSAGE: Massage increases swelling and bleeding into the tissue, prolonging recovery time 

Take time after the session for recovery, rehydration and stretching. 

Most importantly, have FUN! 

Please click the link to view our Safeguarding Policy